Carolyn Carolyn Smith Masefield is a kiwi author, living near the beach with her family in beautiful Auckland, NZ. She grew up either galloping around on her horses, or with her nose in a book. English was often the only subject at high school that she passed; school just didn’t seem interested in her imagination. Working first and then going to University at 20 she studied Education, gained a Bachelor Degree and then worked two jobs to save up for her big OE. Three years working overseas and travelling flew by, and in that time she discovered a job that she could travel with.

This began her career in second language teaching. Coming home, she completed Post Graduate studies in second language teaching and headed off for Japan. She spent another two years away working and travelling, including driving a Bedford van across Scandinavia and Russia before breaking down in Lithuania. Home called and she came back to live in Auckland, and start working in Tertiary institutes like The University of Waikato, Wintec and Unitec NZ. During all her academic teaching days, she never missed a chance to write, and dialogue became her real interest.

Carolyn has a passion for writing speculative fiction for adults and young adults, with romance often twined through her stories. Her worlds may be far in the future and a long way from Earth, or here on our planet just ahead in time with dystopian destinies playing out.

Her stories tell of intrigues with passionate characters, great evil and heroes we want to root for. Tension, romantic or otherwise, keeps the pages turning. And, when she’s not writing Carolyn loves to read herself awake, asleep, happy or sad. Her favorite book is the Shipping News, and anything romantic. Her favorite movies are Shrek, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and anything Humphrey Bogart. However, her favorite character is Captain Jack Sparrow. In 2014 Carolyn won a Speculative Fiction New Zealand WW1 Commemorative competition judged by Philippa Ballantine and placed top ten in a NZ Romance Writers competition and third in a children’s story judged by Sally Sutton.  Already in 2015, she has won a International Writers’ Workshop Short Fiction competition judged by Rosetta Allan and is publishing her first collection of short stories. She belongs to three writers groups and a critique group.